Cybersecurity Checklist: How Hotel Managers Can Keep Guests



2017-07-13 17:05

Cybersecurity is the hotel amenity that guests never talk about but subconsciously long for. It may be even more desired than the fuzzy robe hanging in the closet or the chocolate mint on your pillow. Those details are nice, but having confidence in your hotel’s ability to safeguard your personal information supersedes five star luxuries. Given that the end goal of hotel management is that each guest has a relaxing and enjoyable experience, it is also important to assert that this aim will go unmet if your hotel incurs a cybersecurity breach.cybersecurity-inBlog.jpg

As aspects of our lives become more and more digital, it is no surprise that cybercrime will continue to escalate. Juniper Research group anticipates that 2015’s cyber breach cost will almost quadruple by 2019 putting the global total around $2.1 trillion. Weak links in your cybersecurity armor have the potential to put your hotel and its guests in great financial distress. Hackers are looking to steal from hotel owners as well as individual guests, but the law is making sure that it is the hotels that are ultimately responsible for financial loss when inadequate cybersecurity is to blame. In 2015 the Federal Trade Commission won a suit against Wyndham, a global hotel company, for “failing to adequately safeguard its computer network” which allowed hackers to steal in excess of $10 million from guests.

This sobering responsibility makes researching and optimizing your hotel’s cybersecurity a necessity. In striving for cybersecurity resembling a steel fortress, hotel managers need to consider if: staff and guests should use separate wifi passwords, how often the public wifi password should be changed, if each employee should have access to all hotel systems, or if each employee’s activity on hotel systems should be monitored. Additionally, hotel managers need to begin questioning how they train their employees, how often to test their network for vulnerabilities, and how to prevent data loss.

Figuring out where to begin evaluating your hotel property’s cyber security can seem like an overwhelming task, so that’s why we’ve created the Cybersecurity Checklist. With our mobile key security expertise and the help of Armor, the first totally secure cloud company, we’ve compiled the hotelier's ultimate checklist for cyber security.
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