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2017-09-05 17:54

Whether you run a cozy bed and breakfast or a large coastal resort, you are likely to see a bad review come your way, and it might bruise your ego a bit. You know the linens were clean, the dinner was hot, delicious and served by one of your friendliest waitstaff. So why on earth would this guest craft anything other than a glowing review praising your service and amenities?

The issue might be something you haven’t even thought of. It’s easy to overlook key things that contribute to exceptional guest experience. Often the challenge is not the service you’re delivering, but in the services you aren’t. This is exactly why we’ve created our newest eBook, Guide to Delivering Exceptional Hotel Guest Experience.


Our eBook will help you evaluate your hotel’s...

Friendliness: hotels focus on ensuring the staff manning the front desk are warm and inviting, but are there staff members they forget to focus on? Are there multiple ways a hotel staff can convey friendliness to its guests?

Ability to meet unexpressed desires: you not only want your guests to have an enjoyable stay, you want their stay to be memorable ensuring their loyalty for years to come. This can be achieved by focusing on meeting both expressed and unexpressed desires.

Cleanliness: this is Hotel 101, but often times hotel staff focuses on the cleanliness of rooms and neglects other facets of their establishment that contribute to a guest’s perception of cleanliness.

Design: the allure of pleasing aesthetics is nothing to be dismissed. Your patrons want to relax in a space that is chic and on theme. Run of the mill furniture and stereotypical “hotel art” won’t do. You want them to be drawn in by the atmosphere you’ve created.

Technology: this is the icing on the cake (one particularly appetizing to millennials). Is your hotel utilizing all the advancements in smart technology that this digital age can offer? Are you tailoring your guests’ experiences through technology ensuring their satisfaction?

After reading these considerations, are you concerned you might be missing the boat on crafting remarkable service for your guests? OpenKey has you covered with our Guide to Delivering Exceptional Hotel Guest Experience.

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